Wednesday I started my second support group for teen girls at an alternative high school.  It is literally my favorite part of my job currently.  I love the girls and I love the energy I get from spending an hour trying to manage some pretty fabulous discussions.  This time around the group has grown to 15 girls (too many!).  Word spread after the first round so we also have a waitlist of seven more who will start on the spring semester track.  It’s fun to know the girls are reacting...

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Nate and I are almost halfway through our this first round of training.  As anticipated, days are long, sitting time is long, and there's not a whole lot of room for personal space or time.  Still, it's been a good first half to the week.   I really enjoyed meeting the president of IT and getting to interact with him.  He had some words to say that I needed to hear.  At times I feel overwhelmed and scared with what a major decision this is.  And it often feels like I have too much control ...

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I word of encouragement from a co-worker can be so meaningful when it's genuine and unexpected.  Particularly when you don't work closely with that co-worker and don't impact each other on a day-to-day basis.   I walked in at 2 p.m. after meetings all morning.  One of my co-workers found me in my office and said she wanted to hug me.  I thought she was joking but got up for the hug anyway.  Then she told me she had read two case stories that I put together the day before for grant purposes....

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Approximately 12.5 months after submitting my first round of paperwork, I have an official "Associate Marriage and Family Therapist" license.  Countless photocopying of syllabi and evidence, phone calls all over the IDFPR and to AJ, my favorite consultant over there, and prayers and it finally came through.  Definitely something I'm extremely grateful for today! 1 comment...

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