Our student trip to Baños came a bit early when we had to quickly switch dates in order for the place we stay to begin construction. The students were flexible about changing weekends and the adventure began! We did the swing at the end of the world, where they now have "pushers," one of which would not let me opt out of swinging. Swinging is fine but I usually skip it for the sake of time and because I've done it many times. Afterward we headed into the city where some of us camped out at Honey for lunch sandwiches. One crew did horseback riding and another did ATVing but the rest of us stayed in town since rafting has been nixed due to sickness from the water. During that time we read and chatted with students and CK and I tried just about every treat that Honey has to offer. When students arrived back from activities we went over to the empanada place for chocolate empanadas. We then headed to Monte to unpack and CK and I begged Bryan and Oliver for their private sleeping place over our mattress on the floor in the living room situation. They weren't budging. We went and ate the world's best grilled trout, caught and killed in the trout ponds below immediately before eating. After dinner we headed back to Monte, got on pjs and played Farkle while eating coco cookies and cheesy popcorn. About 30 minutes before curfew CK and I showered quickly and then snuck into Bryan and Oliver's room while they played games. We pretended to be asleep but ended up having to wait quite awhile for them to come in. I discovered how incredibly refreshing, after a 16-hour day with students, how refreshing it is to just lay quietly for a bit. Eventually they came to their room and we had the most delightful time acting asleep as they perplexedly tried to figure out what to do with us. They discussed setting up our beds and carrying us over and all sorts of other kind things, never guessing that we might be faking it. (This was actually incredible considering that Oliver originally knew we might try this but he fully believed we'd fallen asleep in the midst of our own prank.) Eventually Ray came in and called our bluff and we had a great laugh. I went to sleep giggling and thankful for CK, who is always willing to become my parnter in crime for whatever idea I hatch. It's a fun connection to have someone who delights in those small points of laughter as much as me. 

The next day poor CK woke up sick and spent the bus ride back miserable. Either holding Addie and cleaning up after she threw up or sleeping in Oliver's sheets the day after he'd been sick did her in. We hiked Pailon del Diablo and then headed back to Quito. The next night we threw a Valentine's Party for the students. Per tradition, they developed lip sync/dance routines. Bryan, Kendra, Mika and I judged and loved the mash-ups. The dancing grannies routine won first place but there was a lot of creativity.





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