My fifth semester of students with L&LI are back on an airplane and headed home! They were a great group and I loved getting to know them. This was my first semester in the new Ed Center and I can't tell you what a gift it was to have so much more proximity and spur of the moment interactions with students. I loved the drop-ins between class times, the asks to read or sleep on my couch. This semester was marked by a lot of engagement in conversations on race. We had some incredibly intelligent voices on the subject and I was honored to be taught by them. I was also honored to receive unique education from a student on what it was like to participate in our high adventure program as a person with a physical disability.

We ended the semester with our beach debrief, where rounds and rounds of spike ball were played and Phil and I claimed victory over EBB and Bryan by continually suckering them into one more game. Having EBB be able to spend those end of semester moments with us was a highlight after a semester apart. We had our last banquet at Briciola, eating pasta while listening to our staff affirm each student individually and then we said goodbye. We rounded out the semester with the YouthWorld Christmas party in which we trekked almost half a mile for InkaBurger whilst freezing our buns off! A day at the Marriott, courtesy of LLI, after the whirlwind was a much needed breather. And while I went into the Marriott stay wishing I could skip out and hang with my family, it ended with some scheming and shirt stealing by CK and I that was just what I needed to end laughing!









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