This Fall I took Eden to the jungle with me for our student servive trip. I did this with Canaan two years ago and wanted Eden to experience it as well. She did it all with us, from watching Jumanji on the bus to get in the jungle mood, to going on a tour of caves through water where our group had to wait an extra 30 minutes when the water rose because they were worried about getting Eden across. She watched students eat grilled grubs in the plaza, rode in the back of pickup trucks to work sites and took a sunset canoe tour with us (which scared her a lot and wasn't super enjoyable for her.) 

Most importantly she worked alongside the students. In the mornings she was in the 1st grade classroom with me and helped the students with their reading in English. I loved this time because she developed a sweet friendship with a student. The student ended up asking if they could be Ecuadorian cousins. I love how quickly children choose to love and accept each other. In the afternoons she helped some of my students and I with a water filtration project, so she raked alongside us. I also encouraged her to play with the staff kids on campus who spend their afternoons amusing themselves while their moms clean and cook. She loved the trip and it was totally worth taking her. Students are always so willing to welcome my kids in. But it was also a reminder that being a mom and a leader to the students are different roles and being more present to one makes me less present to the other. I appreciate greatly that my boss understands this and allows me to pick the needed role for the moment. And on this trip that included some quality time with my girl!





Raking sand in order to dry it out for use with the water filtration project.




We took 5 students to do a Shuar pottery class while other groups either hiked to a waterfall or went tubing.






Staff pic after a rainy work afternoon.

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