Spring 2018 semester, my 4th semester, came to a close and we said goodbye to another great group of people. I had the privilege of leading a cohort trip to the jungle right before the semester ended. We made some changes to how we do service in the jungle and the changes were excellent. We had our students fully prepare and lead STEM projects and they did a great job. It was a meaningful way to interact with students while valuing their academics. We also were each assigned a student to have read to us for 50 minutes at their level. It was such a sweet way to pour into a student 1 on 1 and pour into them. 

This semester Canaan and Eden fell in love with two girls: Gabby and Kyla. They were a sweet gift to our family. They babysat for us and got excited about Beauty and the Beast with Eden, they spent time in the pool despite having new belly rings teaching the kids the color game. And they spent countless hours on the beach together. I was so thankful for them.

The semester ended as all do, with an end of year banquet where we honored each student by speaking into their lives. I loved it and am ready to start my 5th semester!






IMG_20180502_170630100 IMG_20180502_170707267_HDR



Final Staff pic of the semester before we say goodbye to some and welcome new!

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