The team had a great year ... falling one game short of being promoted to the next level. After a looong ten months of hard work and showing up to practie regularly we wanted to honor the guys. I told Nate that after 3 semesters of cooking meals for 45 students and staff I thought I could pull off a "catered" meal for his team. Thanks to this crazy layout, spacious house that we have, we were able to fit 8 tables with 50 people around our living and dining room.

My friend Mandi donated some winter berry centerpieces she had used for a school event. We started with a bread and salad course. I made Mojo Pork Tenderloins that marinated all day and Lourdes helped me make the biggest batch of cilantro and black bean rice while she was with me that afternoon. We cut pineapple that we grilled at the last minute and this was their main plate. Dessert was homemade Christmas cookies, such as raspberry oatmeal brownies, sugar cookies, ganache-topped shortbread and more alongside ice cream. Aaron and Christine came over to be servers and helped me plate and run food back and forth ALL NIGHT LONG. I couldn't have done it alone and wanted Nate to have the night to enjoy with his team. It was sweet to have friends help out in such a tangible way with our ministry.

The guys were excited and brought their significant others. People showed up in everything from a button down shirt and pants to full suits and long, formal evening gowns. After the dinner Nate gave a speech about the season and then he handed out trophies for different player achievements, including a character award. Meji received this award and it was neat to hear him share his thoughts on integrity and who he wants to be with the guys.



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