End of Semester banquet is pretty much the last thing we do, other than to encourage the students to pack up their stuff, clean their houses and say goodbye before they board the bus to the aiport. It's a festive night with oh so many cameras out snapping pictures as wte all dress up. It's a chance to laugh together, eat together and remember the semester together. One of the most meaningful parts is a time where the staff get just a few minutes to speak into students lives. We divide up all the students, asking for people we've gotten the opportunity to know better, and then we get to publically speak to them. I love it because it's a chance to encourage, to speak truth about the beauty of who I have seen God creating them to be ... and then being a counselor I can't help but also leave each with a challenge for growth unique to them. This semester when I returned to my table after speaking one of the students, Brennan, leaned over and said, "This just made my top 2 moments of the semester." We had talked earlier that night about highlights such as the Galapagos, etc. but what a privilege to have a student value witnessing those words spoken to others over all of the fantastical things like scuba diving and white water rafting. That's absolutely what I would hope for each of the +- 30 students we get to pour into each semester.




Delaney & I - was able to spend some great 1:1 time with her over coffee throughout the semester.





Staff photo! Man do we ever value and enjoy working together. If this wasn't a unified, Spirit-led team we could not be half as effective in our individual roles.

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