Up Pichincha we went again. Bryan and I didn't quite make it to the top because we had a student get some pretty severe leg cramps so we hiked her back down a bit early. It was a sweet time of getting to know her as we *slowly* made our way back down, stopping frequently to stretch out her legs. We laughed and she did an amazing job of keeping a good attitude despite being in pain and falling frequently ... one time starting to roll so much that Bryan and I both jumped on top of her to stop the roll!




We also took our first jungle trip, which was a great time together. The students blew us away with their total lack of complaining, despite some really difficult work projects and the cancellation of tubing due to 18 hours of straight rain that left the river fast and high. I spent a morning with Tiffany, a missionary wife and mom in the jungle. I spent another work project working in a giant fish tank, doing the most physically demanding job I've ever done. We shoveled and hauled buckets of wet sand up and out of the giant tank for three hours in pouring rain ... and got about 1/3 of it done. My crew was amazing, encouraging and never stopped working hard. (The next day I could hardly move my back but it was worth it!) It was the most restful trip I've ever had because this crew goes to bed early and because we had a free couple hours with no tubing. It was neat to see kids I've come to know well at the jungle school and neat to deepen connections with missionaries there and students from this semester.







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