After getting rain out from high ropes earlier in the semester, we took the students back midway through. I learned a valuable lesson about the teamwork aspect of this being so important. One sweet student asked me to go with her but when she decided to go she just took off, prefering to get something that provoked anxiety over with quickly. It resulted in a lot of being dragged around, falling and some really painful arm bruising though! Of course I still enjoyed doing it but would 100% try for a more partnered approach on my next trip.

From high ropes to rock climbing, during which I did none, preferring to leave it to the kids and students. Canaan makes me insane because he is so good at it, but he gets to a point on the wall where he feels high enough and just gives up when he is doing great. Nate killed it on speed and making it to the top on the trickiest one. I spent my time watching and talking with the "Don't Forget the Butter" crew of students (self-formed students who like to cook together) about the Southern-style dinner we were going to cook together at my house. (This did end up happening and we enjoyed ribs, homemade french fries, biscuits, macaroni and cheese and peach cobbler.) I like days like this where my family gets the chance to tag along and participate in my work.




(Yep, that's me in gray)






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