Totally RC led first VBS with the rest of the staff just as back-up support
Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace VBS with first graders
Cement mixing and laying walkways at the school
Continued work on the fence we started last trip at the farm, as well as a new driveway spot
Amazing attitudes from students where everyone wants to keep working in the same spot on day two because teamwork is going so well
Rain, rain, and more rain which cuts the heat and if you just embrace the wet while you work feels wonderful
Tubing down the river wherein I immediately shoot forward and end up far ahead even our river guide and have to navigate the whole thing alone
Discovering a different tienda that sells Magnum icecreams for $.20 cheaper - score!
Conversations at night with students about missions, identity, Jesus, what God's "voice" sounds like and how to pursue listening to Him
Shared hottest-room-on-the-planet with EBB
Migraine on last day of VBS on 2nd trip, leading to sleeping in a classroom
Hauling heavy windows and doors into a 4 foot tall bodega and bending over like old ladies for 2 hours with Emily
Britt's last night debrief with prayer hands where we placed our hand on someone else's drawn hand and prayed over each person
Leg wars with all girls participating, emceed by EBB and I and a round of fake RC interviews












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