In January Inca Link celebrated it's 10 year anniversary. We've been with IL about 4 years now. Because of the celebration, a donor gave a significant amount to help IL celebrate by being together in a little luxury. It was definitely a sweet gesture by IL and we felt really cared for throughout the retreat. We got to spend 3 nights in Portoviejo, a beach area we'd never been to, with a whole, small resort rented out for us. It was nice to have it be just IL people at meals and in the pool together. We had meetings every morning and evening and free time in the afternoons to enjoy the beach. The kids were cared for by a few volunteers from the US and spent hours upon hours in the pool, as well as time spent learning bible stories, making crafts, and being rewarded with US candy. 

I was asked to be on the planning committee and specifically to help with some fun, family times to bring everyone together. So one night we had a Hawaiian-themed night where everyone dressed for the occasion, ate Hawaiian food and participated in the limbo. The other afternoon we had a Minute-to-Win-It contest that a few individuals got REALLY into! 

All of our meals were out on the terrace overlooking the pool and ocean and we got to watch the sun go down as our kids heavy eyelids drooped after full days, feeling the sea breeze on our bare shoulders. People came from different parts of Peru and Ecuador and everyone got to share about their ministry. We set new goals as an organization, talked about teamwork and personality and much more. While I didn't get to know many from Peru I appreciated the chance to spend time with Nate's team: Chelsey, Meji and Edgar. They are all so fun but because I work in a completely different ministry I don't get much time just to know them. It was fun to laugh together, eat meals together and they even let me teach them (and then thoroughly beat them) Dutch Blitz. Nate is much more passionate about vision setting and goal-making then I am and he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak up and have a voice in those conversations. 




IMG_20170127_174159843 IMG_20170128_180724909



Nate's team at Hawaiian Night: Nate, Meji, Edgar, Chelsey






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