Right after students left, my parents landed. I still had a few days of work, debriefing the semester so the first day they took Eden to Elejido park while Canaan attended a birthday party. I spent their first day here riding a train to Cotopaxi National Park. It's an old, old train line that has been upgraded and redone for tourism and Phil, our Director, thought it would be a nice treat to end the semester. The train would meander for about an hour and a half at time with beautiful views of the countryside and mountain. Then we would get out and grab hot chocolate or watch a typical dance. We ended in Cotopaxi National Park and took a hike thru the tall trees, taking deep breaths of fresh air. Afterward we stopped at this old farm where lunch was served (by 1:30 with no snacks were all reaaallly ready) and my co-workers learned what chargers are for the first time. Since then any staff member takes a picture of a charger at any opportunity.

The train rides did get a bit long after 3 weeks of being on buses, boats and airplanes but thankfully I have a great group of co-workers who really enjoy each other so EBB, Aaron, Justin and I shared a 4 seater and spent the time playing paranoia and a dice game that forced Justin and Aaron to do some great things like eskimo kiss and serenade people. EBB and I were saved any embarrassment thru good dice rolls. It was a tough trip because a number of us were sick. Elizabeth, Fern, Bryan and I were all struggling but through the 8 hours I just kept popping Tylenol and EBB learned to remind me when it was wearing off because as soon as I got achy the train would turn miserable. Thank goodness for Tylenol and thank goodness for home and bed that night! Despite feeling lousy I appreciated how many fun memories were created and how much we enjoy each other.

But you guys. I had to include this picture. I'm obsessed with it. I mean, I do NOT think I'm short. I don't ever feel short. But what??? Is this an optical illusion?



And last pic for this post: our whole staff together and a celebration meal to end the semester. I just have to say that I have some beautiful co-workers both inside and out and it has been the biggest privilege to work with this crew! 


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