Could we call this the view from my "office" for a day?




Not quite but I spent the weekend in Banos with students so it's where I was working from! We woke up at 4am, drove to the Swing at the End of the World and made sure to get a picture of each and every student. The bus was completely silent for those first 3 hours as everyone tried to catch a few more zzzs. We then headed into Banos where we got chocolate empanadas. Those of us rafting then headed back to the bus while others stayed in town to ATV or just hit up coffee shops. 


Rafting was amazing and reinforced that it's one of my favorite ways to spend a day. The wetsuits are disgusting and mildewy and we all look like Star Trek characters but #worthit. My crew consisted of Noe (who I was so excited to raft with since he was so scared tubing), Justin, Mel, Sierra and Lucy. We had a BLAST! Our guide, Papucho, was great. I was surprised how calm Noe was and how scared Sierra was but we did the hour and twenty trip with no spills over. But the feeling of rushing through the water, spray hitting your face and working your body to get somewhere? Can't beat it!


We then headed to Monte, a big, rustic house where we all semi-camp out. We unpacked and headed to a place where each person gets an individual whole trout grilled for them. It's delicious and a perfect experience to top off the night although I was dying with the lack of shower and how bad I smelled by that point. All being trapped in one house, we played Silent Football (my least fave game on the planet) where Justin used his knowledge of me against me and I had to eat a banana as punishment and then Dutch Blitz. Female staff slept on the floor behind a curtain but it was a surprisingly restful night ... even after realizing I had no book to read. EBB graciously whisper-talked with me for an hour so that I could wind down and sleep.




We woke up the next morning and had a church service where three students shared what they have been learning while we looked at the above view. It was simple and beautiful and so meaningful to have 2 of 3 the who shared be students who shared what they were learning through our counseling sessions about God and themselves and life.


Back to the bus, a 20 minute hike to Pailon del Diablo (this waterfall) and then another ride back to the city. Quick and full but so fun. This is actually one of my favorite trips because we all sleep together and eat together for 24 hours. It's cozy and sweet and fosters great connections.




0 #1 emily runyan 2017-05-21 03:21
I love this post! I want a chocolate empanada and to play Dutch Blitz and the spray of water from rafting on my face. :)

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