Nate's last game of the season. Cumbre Alta in the final and up for promotion. The excitement was visible. We piled all four Passmores, the kids and I, EBB, Dani and Garrett into their car and sat ... in traffic. But we made it to the game on time, not without getting hit by another little car that stalled out in the parking lot. Browns, Gustavo, Fabian & Mabe and Brian Wallace were there too ... as well as a whole pile of other fans for both teams.


We cheered, we scored, we cheered some more. The kids kicked a ball around, played cards and ate tons of snacks. It was super fun to be all together cheering for Nate in something he has worked years for. Eden, as noted in photos, was in quite the classy outfit for the day. When they won it was soooo much fun to cheer and watch the guys absolutely go wild. I'm so glad that we got to celebrate the win alongside Nate!! This was a huge accomplishment for him. We went out to The Market with the Passmores that evening to celebrate.








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