Lemme see. There was the time we snuck into Bryan and Justin's houses and snagged several of their classic outfits. We then wore them to chapel dinner one night, to the delight of students. EBB and I dressed as Justin and Lauren, Lauren and Steph dressed as Bryan. I have to say, EBB made a convincing Justin from behind and had a few people approach her thinking they were talking to him. I also learned I look like a giant potato when wearing large t-shirts and jeans. It was fun to do together ... more fun for us girls to plan and pull off and see reactions to then for the guys that were pranked for sure!





There was also a Midnight Breakfast during finals week. The time with students was fun, watching them wolf down French Toast Casserole and Bacon. Having a major, impromptu & sing along dance party. But my faves were the before and after. Just EBB and I cooking with the RCs, watching their differing styles in making scrambled eggs and trying a corn syrup/brown sugar combo on the rapidly diminishing bacon. Not to be forgotten was the clean-up/after party with some special dance videos for Bryan who was in the US, many attempts to scare each other around corners and through the window and a rattail fight that made Fern scream more loudly than I'd heard before. I love working together, I love cooking together, I love the camaraderie around a shared project.




The semester was ending and my 1:1 money to take RCs out was still plentiful so we decided to go for a splurge night to a new restaurant: The Rooster. It was a major hit. I had a super buttery steak and caramelized onion sandwich but their port mushroom chicken and their fig and blue cheese chicken were both amazing too. I love these girls, I loved getting the semester to know them, to learn how unique they are and how beautifully they are allowing God to mold them. (Fern got a stomach bug and had to miss out!) Afterward we headed to Crepes & Waffles for ice cream to top off an already decadent night.



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