29 students are fun but sometimes it's good to get some time away and just be together as staff. When students are around we are focused on them but when they are gone we have a blast together. 

Typically we do some kind of mini celebration when students enter their homestays for a month, because while Resident Coordinators still have lots of work to do, they have a quiet house at night and that is really nice! This semester we did a cake decorating contest and there was some great creativity. The bad part was how much cake ended up at my house, dying on the kitchen counter since Nate doesn't actually like cake. Fern & I were proud to take the WIN for this one with our taco cake.



IMG_20161001_204945030 IMG_20161001_205053112



We also took a weekend day to head out to Diana's parent's property in Guayllabamba. It's a small, rustic little house but it's out of the city and there is no wifi and there are trees and quiet. The kids loved the smorgasboard lunch of guac, tomato tarts, leftover cake, salsa, special k bars and so much more. They also really enjoyed water coloring with Steph and Fern. This allowed me to enjoy some vigorous rounds of Dutch Blitz (another win for me :)) with EBB as a strong competitor and Justin having to learn the hard way some of the house rules. We did spike ball and can jam (which I will always be atrocious at) and lived without a schedule for a few blissful hours.







0 #1 Emily Runyan 2017-04-04 02:17
Wait wait...we are definitely playing Dutch Blitz this summer!!

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