Students have arrived and the Living & Learning semester is off at a gallop. Lots of training sessions, lots of worldview classes. In between we introduced the students to La Ronda for empanadas (oldest street in the city) and Cafe Mosaico for hot drinks and ice cream sundaes (view of the city while you eat.) We went out to El Refugio for team building activities where staff and students do low ropes and high ropes. Favorite moments included our team trying to haul Aaron Voth over the wall last and struggling hard, watching David and Justin do the high ropes with David 100% skeptical of his ability. We went to the museum at Mitad del Mundo where Bryan, EBB and I opted to stay outside and talk since we've all seen the middle of the world a few too many times. Then ziplining in Mindo where all the students ate their lunch at 10am and were starving and EBB and I learned we will never do the "mariposa" position again because it makes your back feel like it is broken. Another Saturday is Ecua-Olympics at Carolina Park where students compete in fun and ridiculous games while inspiring many Ecuadorian onlookers. Learned kajabi for the first time and learned I'm not great at it. Felt a little ridiculous and very culturally inappropriate during the egg competition (just throwing 30 eggs for fun??) Loved Fern's party turtleneck and the party it brought to the group. Man, my kids love my new job and each one of these 29 new students! Also learned I'm bad at taking pictures on our many activities.



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