In mid August I started my new job with Living & Learning International. It started full swing with two weeks of Resident Coordinator training and then All Staff training. We welcomed four new Resident Coordinators to the team. They are all recent college graduates who have studied abroad in the past and recognize how their own life was changed and shaped by that experience. Now they are back for more with our team, to serve as "house moms/dads." To care for the students who come, to support them, but also to challenge them in their faith and in who they are becoming.


It has been a pleasure getting to know these four. They are all big personalities and we laugh a LOT. But they also have big hearts that care deeply about God and deeply for others. We've got a great crew! This is the end of training celebration at an Indian restaurant. Going here is a staff tradition and everyone has a different level of spicy that they order!




Things I won't forget from our first weeks together:

Krump battles, everyone showing their best dance moves or broadway skills at Bryan's apartment, fighting over the crispy edges of empanadas de morocho, playing heart attack with Christine & Elisa included, hearing life stories around the table




Justin, Lauren, Steph & Lauren



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