Laura and Garenne's wedding was a success.  They commemorated their vows under a white gazebo with an ocean view.  All of the parents had some part in the ceremony and Mark & Kora, despite Kora's nerves, did an excellent job singing and received tons of compliments afterward.  Laura's dress, which was made in China, turned out gorgeous.  A few wives of groomsmen were gracious enough to keep an eye on some of the babies in the back.  


Loved witnessing the different family dynamics through the evening, getting a taste for Garenne's family and Jamaican heritage.  Definitely won't forget the fact that one of his brothers missed all of the family pictures, as he was nowhere to be found!  We took a few pictures at the end of the night with him, by which time I was no longer in my sewed-in, broken-zipper dress, but wearing a cotton skirt and tank top.





Some of the wedding party




The flower girl didn't want to walk the aisle but she stayed at the front by her mom almost the whole ceremony. She spent much of the time saying, "Mono, Canaan" over and over again because she really wanted to show her stuffed monkey to Canaan. Here she is trying to play peekaboo with him.




Canaan made it through half the ceremony on our laps and then made a mad dash for the front. He ended up playing in the back with Wyatt.




The wedding singers!






The reception took place on an outside veranda with high columns.  This was a lucky break as Laura and Garenne initially wanted this venue but found it too pricey.  A few forecasted rain clouds (which never appeared) got their wedding moved here for the night.


The food was fantastic, with much of an asian influence.  Teriyaki steak, vegetable-filled dumplings, battered vegetables, and then jerk pork, honey buns, and battered, deep-fried shrimp on a stick.  


Canaan loved dancing to all of the upbeat music and spent some time trying to command the dance floor.  He tired eventually and I tried to give him a nap.  He finally passed out on my shoulder after being rocked for half an hour.  I laid him on a blanket with his head tucked under our table.  After sleeping for not more then 10 minutes a Michael Jackson song came on.  Kora and I saw his little butt start to jiggle back and forth.  Soon his middle and then his shoulders were shimmying and before long his head popped out with a giant smile and he stood up and started full out dancing.  I so wish I had this on video but it was a moment I never could have predicted.  Buying Michael Jackson is now on our to-do list!  Following that he was alive and partying again!








Trying to command the dance floor




Big yawn! Tuckered out from dancing in the heat.





Dead asleep just before his Michael Jackson moment





Apparently he prefers to do his own dancing!

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