With Canaan as the official ring bearer and Nate acting as one of the ushers we certainly couldn't miss the rehearsal!  Canaan had a blast playing in an enclosed outdoor space where he could run wild.  He loved going up the stairs of the gazebo with the flower girl and then asking for help back down.  He was a pro at walking up the aisle in his two practice runs and loved the clapping and attention it gave him. 


I enjoyed checking out the site prior to the ceremony, watching the two families interact, the opportunity for some family photos and drinking lots of the ice water provided as we all were sweating being in real clothes instead of swimsuits on the beach.




Canaan wore an outfit his Auntie Kim picked out for him just for this event. Looking good in a muscle shirt!




Little Lucia is Canaan's first female cousin and this trip was his (and our) first time meeting her. She is an impossibly easy, calm, and happy baby.




 Tasting the foliage




The Abuelos look like they have their hands full with two. How will they handle three soon?




Getting comfortable with the gazebo




Uncle Matt attentively babysitting Canaan and Wyatt!




 Carlos Darino is proud of this budding future Racing soccer player's skills!




Water break




 Shoving down a pb&j in between practices ... the only food Canaan cooperated in eating after day 1 of the trip. 



 From the rehearsal we took a bus to the rehearsal dinner. After days with no vegetables in sight, everyone lunged for the veggie tray passed around at the beginning. We ate jerk chicken, jerk pork and escavitche fried fish with two types of potatoes, grilled zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers, and cheesecake for dessert. 


 Canaan was exhausted by 8:30 and fell asleep quickly on Nate who held him through dinner. He woke up after about 45 minutes, got passed to his mom, and proceeded to throw up all over my shoulder and the balcony 7 times. Uncle Matt was gracious in cleaning up the slippery table and floor but secretly congratulating himself on his lack of wife and kids. Needless to say, our experience of the rehearsal dinner ended early in the back of a puke-smelling cab back to the hotel.




Mark, Matt, Kora, and Lucia enjoying dinner.




 Passed out.


0 #1 Emily 2011-07-03 08:40
Um oh no! That does not sound good. Love the comment about matt and I like canaan's outfit. I hope that Canaan did all right the rest of the time.

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