Since two days after I got to Quito, I've been involved in a women's bible study.  I wasn't sure how I felt originally about committing to a semester-long bible study with 8 women I didn't know.  I decided to try it out anyway and am so glad I did.


I have loved meeting with these women every other week.  I've appreciated the intentionality of the group.  And for me it's been a really good mix of bible study and time talking about and speaking into each other's lives.  With the semester ending, this particular season of the study ended as well.  This past Sunday we got together with all of our families as a fun little ending.






We had the picnic at a private park at the entrance of someone's home.  Canaan took his first ride on a trampoline.






He really wanted to get to the top of hill because sweet little Molly was at the top but it was a little steep for his climbing skills!






Linsey has been a fun friend to get to know.  Funny that we went to high school with her husband but never knew him because of the age difference then.






Some of the group






After there was a family soccer game that Canaan was having no part of.  He ran along the sidelines crying, because he wanted the ball for himself, his dad for himself or just because he was frustrated at being slower than everyone??  And then his dad pulled him in on the action, playing with him piggy back and he cried some more.  What a little punk!

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