Last Sunday was beautiful and we took full advantage of it.  We took Canaan on an apartment search/walk around the little park near our house and we also went to another park: Parque El Ejido.


El Ejido is equal parts family destination and tourist attraction as it boasts picnic areas and loads of different playgrounds along with paintings, artwork, and other artisinal finds.  We'll take you on a tour of this park on a Sunday afternoon.






One of the six or so playgrounds scattered throughout the middle of the park.






Pretty fantastic swing experience for locals while tourists shop behind.






Bike path through the middle of the park.  And just like with car traffic, bikes stop or swerve for no one.  Cross at your own risk.






Little push pedal cars that families can rent.






Now this is classic Ecuadorian fun!  A board arranged with little chiclets and other cheap candy, a coin to play ... and a 4 year old with a real bb gun aimed at the board in the middle of a park full of people.






Chochos, a bland, white bean commonly served with red onions, tomatoes, and ahi (hot sauce) on top, is a street vendor staple in Ecuador.  Good for lunch, good for breakfast, good for a snack.






Donuts and other bread just hanging out on an open cart.





And stalls full of woven clothes, leather sandals, jewelry, pan flutes, scarves and so much more waiting for the gullible tourist and the bartering to begin.


And finally, to round out our park tour there is this:




0 #6 elisabeth 2011-03-03 10:26
grandpa's grown-up explanation cannot shatter my fuzzy happy memory of dart-gum-fun! they definitely make the swings cooler than they used to.
0 #5 Grandpa Weenie 2011-03-02 12:32
the "bb's" shot by the rifle are normally darts with short "feathers" (little nylon bristles). If you look closely at the bristles (usually the operator of the shooting game won't let you see, because he/she usually puts the dart in for you) they cut some of them shorter than the others to guarantee a less-than-strai ght flight of the dart! In any case, you pay "x" for a shot, and even if you hit the gum, the gum costs less than "x"! So everyone is a winner!
0 #4 Katrina 2011-03-01 22:02
Wow, wow, wow! I especially love the video! I have told my Spanish students countless times about the gum/candy bb gun games at parks, and they still don't really believe me!
0 #3 Kel 2011-03-01 16:08
How'd you have money to finance them Kim? Did you get the gum for the wins.
0 #2 thisnomad 2011-03-01 14:34
Good memories. I would finance the Kerrigan clan shooting at the "candy board" on our Sunday lunches in Puyo. And last time I was in Quito I was totally that tourist who paid too much for a blanket in one of those stalls.
0 #1 Junglewife 2011-03-01 13:16
Looks like fun! Wow, I can't believe they still have those dart-gun-board things! I remember doing those when I was in elementary school! thankfully they usually give you a fresh pack of gum, not the one that you hit with the dart!

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