Shortly before Thanksgiving we knew we were confirmed to be in Ecuador starting in January.  So this Thanksgiving and Christmas are the "last" holidays together as we've experienced them together but a great opportunity to get time with most of our family together in one place.  Thanksgiving was spent with Nate's side of the family.



(The whole family together)


Seven kids and 1.5 grandkids all swooped in at once on Dan & Melody's house.  It was a full house with Canaan sleeping in one of the bathrooms and Matt subjected to the living room floor for a few nights.  This is a flexible family though and sleeping arrangements didn't stop anyone's fun.  As is traditional in the Taube family, meals were big and game-playing was non-stop for the whole weekend.  Favorites of this holiday were Take Two, 5 Queens and a new game called Dominion (which I possibly only liked and semi-succeeded at by being paired with Matt).



(A game Matt introduced to us on our last night together)



(Not a great look for me, I know)


Thanksgiving Day was just the family.  We all hauled coolers of food with us from Chicago and Melody worked hard in the kitchen, getting things ready and doing LOTS of cleaning up.





(Nate's Thanksgiving plate)


The day after Thanksgiving we celebrated Dan's birthday.  This celebration included all of us, plus the Albrights, Slussers, and Grandma Taube.  Dan grilled steaks for everyone and the aunts had a whole menu prepared ahead of time that ended with Dan's favorite: German Chocolate Cake.




(Grilling steaks in 15 degree weather)




Highlights and memorable moments of the weekend included shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving with Mark, very pregnant Kora, and Matt, Mark giving everyone one of the worst flues they've ever had just in time to head back to Chicago, Melody working tirelessly the whole weekend, getting to know my newest brother-in-law, Garenne better by having more time together, putting him and Laura on the spot at meal times and working on this website together, and having a whole crew of built-in babysitters.


A crew so big that Canaan never had to play by himself and came home both a little spoiled and very sick from that dern flu:
















So spoiled! (And we were too with all the extra help)

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