We dedicated a day to shopping in Otavalo. It was a BEAUTIFUL day with all of the volcanos out and shimmering in all their snow-capped glory. Every angle of the drive was beautiful. We did about an hour of shopping, haggling with vendors and discussing the merits of all the beautiful blankets before settling on a choice few. We ate lunch out of the back of our car and then went in with a renewed determination for round 2 of shopping. Canaan bought his first poncho and hasn't ceased to wear it since. After determining we'd purchased everything desired we piled back in the car and headed partway home. We stopped off at a bizcocho place and ordered brick oven fired bizcochos, hot chocolate and dulce de leche. It hit the spot but left me way too full for dinner! I have so appreciated the car time on these trips to talk and explore questions about Ecuador culture and our lives here.




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