We camped a day early this year because I had to fly off to Cusco, Peru with 17 students on Easter Sunday. We packed up the cars after a half day of school and headed for El Refugio. We have the routine down now and kids all helped haul bags and set up sleeping bags. We opted for no tents this year for an easier pack up and no one complained.  I actually slept better this year than I ever have camping so I call that a win! There was a bit of rain but nothing too tragic. There were pita pizzas, overnight oatmeal, breakfast tacos, sandwiches with sun dried tomates and walking tacos. Of course s'mores and campfire pies! There was a lot of knife throwing, axe chopping (which I couldn't bare to watch it made me so nervous!) and of course Eden spent about 6 hours a day poking sticks into the fire. There was a baseball game in the drizzle but less hammock time than usual. The girls did more exploring on their own. Christine and I did our perimeter hike and enjoyed the fresh, crisp air under the trees at the top as we talked for 2.5 hours straight. There were naps every day when it rained and we hunkered down but at night the rain was slight and we were able to enjoy the fire and good conversation. Another round in the books! It's fun to watch this tradition evolve as the kids get older!



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