For New Years' Eve this year a group got together and rented a Chiva bus. This is super typical here, though they don't usually start during daylight hours! Of course during the day the streets were full of the men dressed as viudas looking for money. We laid low as the kids don't really enjoy that experience and get a bit nervous. The Chiva was a great idea though! The middle was full of people dancing and then others lined the sides of the bus and enjoyed the view of the Floresta neighborhood as we rode by. A favorite activity was throwing candy from the bus to passersby and we ended up making a few stops along the way while 1 or 2 adults ran off the bus to buy more candy to restock. I got such a kick out of throwing candy with my kids. People's reactions were so different. Some would duck, afraid someone was throwing something bad at them. Others would see the candy but not really acknowledge it, a bit embarrassed. Most, though, once they realized what was going on would run for the candy and thank us!

Post the Chiva we took the kids up to the Passmores house, where Eddy and Maggie put them to bed. We went back over to Cayambe, one of my student apartments and sat around on the roof, super chilly and eating too many snacks and appetizers. It was a mellow vibe and beautiful to see the whole city sky lit up with local fireworks at midnight. Afterward we burned our old man and then those of us wiling to jumped over the burning old man (good luck tradition). My favorite was Bryan's attempt when one last firework inside the old man went off just as he was about to jump!




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