After an intense work season the idea of a big party wasn't really appealing to me. We planned to eat dinner out with just a few friends but the day before, the restaurant we'd made reservations at called to tell us they'd decided to close for inventory! So plan b was hatched and I'm glad it was. We set up our terrace and Nate rented a heater. We ordered dumplings, egg rolls and wontons and had them delivered. (Low fuss). We made Rice Noodles with Shrimp in a Coconut Cilantro Sauce. We spent the evening under the patio lights, eating at a slow pace and answering about 100 questions Nate had put in a jar for the middle of the table. The Holcombs, the Passmores and Bryan were present. It was simple and sweet to celebrate with people that I feel really known by.


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