If you've done a lot of the classic tourist things in Quito and are looking for something unique, I can't recommend this more! Nate was skeptical of the kids spending 3 hours walking but I wanted to try it so we filled a bag with snacks and waters and met up with the guide at the designated point. A fun little extra was a couple from the US who adopted a boy from For His Children, an orphanage started by high school friends. They come back every year and Eden and their son really enjoyed each other. Honestly, that's probably what made the walking tour a success as she is far less interested in informative events than Canaan. 

We learned so many interesting things about graffitti art and culture and a neighborhood that has stood up to gentrification. It was fascinating. Their was a chocolate tasting at the Pacari offices and I'm not gonna lie, I nailed that competition and had to hold back from answering every tasting quiz first! By the end we were a little crispy but so glad we got out to try something new. 






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