We had a great and simple Christmas! We started Christmas Eve by attending the service at EFC, where Eden was delighted to run into a friend from ballet. We haven't attended this church in probably at least 7 years and I was unexpectedly hit with a wave of grief as several "old-timers" came up to me to talk about my Grandma Scoof and her passing. After the service we headed to a Filippino-style Christmas Eve dinner hosted by the Holcombs. There were two sets of Filippino families and then an Iranian family so the food was like nothing I've eaten on any Christmas Eve before. We were thankful to be included in their tradition and Canaan loved experiencing a different culture. The grilled chicken was fantastic as was a flan-like dessert.

Christmas day the kids went for their stockings and played downstairs with them for awhile until Nate and I lazily rolled out of bed. We opened some presents and then put a "pause" on it in order to eat breakfast. The kids did NOT care about breakfast. They were about the presents this year! We slowly unwrapped and enjoyed all the toys. In the afternoon we took the kids, along with Canaan's brand new rollerblades, to the park to start learning. (Things you can't do in Idaho or Chicago on Christmas day!) We stayed late into the afternoon and then had a lupper of pizza fondue followed by chocolate fondue. We sat at the kids table for easy reaching and the kids loved the interactive, bread-loaded meal! Thankful for this sweet family of mine!





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