The beauty of a Christmas at home is that we could accomplish all of our Christmas traditions at a leisurely place! It was fun to pull them off the hanging list and make them happen. We ate cinnamon rolls with the Holcombs before walking half a block to our park where the kids went up in the crane to decorate the Christmas tree. (No waiver needed here). This year they let whole families go up together and that was extra fun. We got there early so Nate asked for the top of the tree and I'm not gonna lie, looking down gave me a few butterflies in my stomach!

The kids made gingerbread houses and it was fun to have this be the first year where I could put out the supplies and they could do the work themselves. Of course a few days after our graham cracker version, Bryan gifted them some ornate, Target gingerbread houses and Canaan declared he already knew it would be his favorite Christmas gift of the year!

We also bundled up and went to the Panecillo to see the world's highest nativity scene. It's a simple outing and we don't stay long, but the city lights and Christmas lights are beautiful. And of course the fried pristiños covered in sticky honey is a crowd favorite!









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