We had a short school break and wanted to spend time with friends, but nobody wanted to have to travel far. Because 3 of the 4 of us travel quite a bit for work, sometimes it's nice to not travel. We decided to book an airbnb in the Guapalo neighborhood of Quito for some quality family/friend time. It was a relaxing time. We spent a morning at Guapalo park, where Canaan joined a family day playing soccer and tug of war with a friendly Ecuadorian family. We ate caprese pasta salad while swatting at little gnats! We had a bbq one night that the Holcombs came and joined for. We had a pumpkin carving time and we had many rounds of sardines with both families around the property. We fried cookie dough balls after we put in the kids in bed and had a mixed drink competition (I won! Woohoo!). We played CodeNames and TakeTwo and read our Kindles and the other 3 did an ab workout together. The girls played babies day in and day out. Probably my favorite part of the whole trip, though, was that we had a pack-up competition to see which family could pack and get all their things in their car first. It got competitive, one of my kids got body bumped to the ground, there were tears from overly invested children and the adults got vicious with not showing last minute baby dolls and shoes that needed to be packed to win. Ultimately though the Jordan-Taubes won when we realized the Passmores' deep fryer was still sitting perched on top of the kitchen cabinets. Best way to get a family out the door quickly!!!






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