We planned a final beach trip as a way to say goodbye to EBB. Nate ended up having a trip to Honduras during this time but Passmores, EBB, Bryan and I rented a penthouse condo together. Bryan was gracious to drive me and the kids down and I enjoyed reconnecting with him after a summer apart while the kids watched movies in the back. He got a good taste of life when Eden started sobbing when Tarzan got too sad. We drifted between work talk, chill moments and then some intensely personal topics.

Days at the beach were lazy as breakfast started late and we got out on the beach later than usual. Crab hunting was a new favorite for Aaron and Eden. I spent hours in a lounge chair reading as the kids played in the waves. I also spent some good afternoons in the waves with them. We dipped in the pool and the kids had me judge a big competition for best jump, biggest wave, longest jack knife. Bryan got pulled and jumped on in the water anytime he entered. EBB and Eden spent hours developing puns while Eden laughed obnoxiously loud. We ate way too well, killing two bags of imported Reeses pb cups in two days, as well as scotcharoos and cookie dough dip. Not to forget mexican street corn tostadas, lasagna and chicken caesar salad. Lunches at Bernabes where I shared with Damari (she ate the rice and plantains and I ate the fish - a perfect trade!) Nights were spent on the balcony talking and nothing about it was particularly unique except that it's a rhythm we know well and it was our last time to do it together.




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