Our actual anniversary fell on a night when Nate had practice. While he was willing to to skip practice I knew those nights were precious with us about to travel for a month. I told him we'd keep it simple and just share some strawberry shortcake when he got home that night. It was mellow and just lovely, which I think is descriptive of our relationship right now. We aren't perfect but we aren't putting out big fires and we are just quietly enjoying each other. 

On Friday night Nate arranged for us to celebrate with friends so we headed to Banh Mi with the Passmores and enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere and yummy vietnamese food. Saturday night Nate arranged for us to go to Urko, an upscale restaurant focused on local, organic food and elevating the classic dishes of Ecuador. It was a 12 course tasting menu, with personal and engaging waiters. It was a 3 hour dinner with full attention given and it was fun to discover ingredients we'd never heard of or things prepared in new ways. Surprisingly, the guinea pig (a local, traditional delicacy) was really delicious. There were dishes with "ashes" made from food products, strawberries infused with a lemon oil and goat cheese whip, a sea bass with the crunchiest crust I've ever tasted and so much more. We talked about where we are at and where we want to be ten years from now. It was a delightful evening that surpassed expectations.






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