Our neighborhood reinstated their 5K this year and I immediately got excited about seeing if the kids would want to do it. On first pitch Canaan was a definite yes and Eden was an absolute no. Then she changed her mind and then the Passmores joined the fun. Meanwhile after I signed up I started physical therapy and my therapist was adamant that there should be NO running in my future. This race was my last hurrah before stopping. Then a week before the race I cracked/bruised some ribs in volleyball so I was in rough shape but the kids were still so excited so we ran anyway! 

The race started ten minutes early?? which meant we didn't run with the Passmores as they were a few minutes away still. Canaan and Nate took a quick lead and I stayed with Eden. It was a LOT of uphill to start but we survived it. A few times Eden almost caught up to Canaan but she isn't quite as competitive as her dad because each time we were almost there she would decide that was when she could start to take it easy. So we spent the whole race with them just a couple yards ahead of us. Halfway through the said she was quitting and had some foot stamping. I told her she was free to go home (our house was a block away but I also was calling her bluff) and she stood for awhile and then started dutifully trotting behind me. She vowed never to do a race again and I told her that I usually say the same thing halfway through a hard race. She picked up speed and we did it in 35 minutes. Not too bad for a 6 year old who has never run before! I wasn't doing so well at breathing with my ribs after that. We cheered for the Passmores as they came in and then waited around while prizes were handed out. Eden snagged a free dessert from Honey & Honey and chose a strawberry cheesecake as her reward. 

That night at dinner I asked Eden again if she'd ever like to do another race and her answer was an adamant YES!




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