For Mother's Day Nate booked Christine and I a room at Swissotel. We played our traditional volleyball on Saturday afternoon and then headed out with the whole family. We spent a few hours in the pool, splashing with our families before the guys headed off with the kids and we got some alone time. We walked up and down, looking for a new restaurant to try and landed at OM Lounge, that had fusion asian. We were happily surprised with our experience there and had a relaxing dinner. After we headed back to the hotel and watched Handmaid's til we started dozing off. In the morning we had a lazy start before walking to Jurgen for breakfast, where we roasted in a sunny window spot and talked about life. Our families joined us late morning and the kids swam while I dipped my legs in. The kids made pyramids with Aaron and the four adults talked about becoming older and our role in initiating/inviting in order to cultivate community. 

We headed to pizza at Fortunato's where we way over ordered. Right before we left it started to pour and we got soaked on the way back to our car. Since I was already soaked I popped out of our car at the light and suggested playing in the park in the rain. We met up at Azkunaga and played tag and chased each other, trying not to slip in barefeet and it was my most favorite, favorite part of the day to be kids with our kids, wet and goosebumped but laughing wildly.








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