Another four year tradition is being at the El Refugio cross on Easter morning for a simple worship service. We focus on the resurrection as we look at the crude cross and the beautiful mountains beyond. Most come from home and have their matching Sunday outfits and hot brunch items ready. We come from two days of camping and look a bit more bedraggled. After the service we head down the mountain together for a communal brunch. Afterward we send the kids off into the prayer garden for a chaotic Easter egg hunt, which they fully enjoy. Inevitably each year we lose a few eggs to good hiding places and spend 30 minutes counting eggs and dividing them back among the families. (Plastic easter eggs don't exist here so we reuse and recycle ones we've imported.) We really enjoy this tradition but we also miss the feeling of some close people around the table for a more leisurely meal so we might have to explore how to make that happen next year.









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