World Cup fever started in March with the official sticker book. But of course the real frenzy began in June when 3-4 games a day started playing. We watched games in our tv which we had to move to the coffee table for better internet reception, we watched at Brown's when our internet was down, we made pancakes for Cumbre Alta interns while they watched, we watched Argentina lose terribly to Croatia at the CCI food court. Father's Day was spent eating and watching games with no kid interruptions, Nate watched many games alone.

There was great disappointment when Argentina didn't make it through the second round. And there were many tears of frustration from Canaan when he took personally his teams losing or other people cheering against his team but he learned a lot about team loyalty and having a good attitude when you lose. We watched the semi-final with Matt, who was kind enough to DVR it and waited to watch it with us the day we landed in Chicago. We watched the final a few hours late as well, with Dan & Melody, after speaking at their church. Eden was delighted to be the only one cheering for France and of course, came out the ultimate winner.



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