For the past year we've let a lot of holidays pass us by. With my new travel/work schedule it's hard to stay on top of more than the week in front of us. But those times to get away are important to us so we were determined to plan ahead. We found a great condo on the beach thru airbnb that accommodated us and the Passmores perfectly and was just a one minute walk from our favorite beach restaurant.

We spent 4 days, 3 nights living the beach life. Our first day we usually get there just in time for lunch so we unpack, kick off our shoes and head to order some fried fish, shrimp, and mora and coconut smoothies. It started pouring during lunch so we had to make a mad dash home. We still all grabbed our swimsuits and headed out to the pool, where the water was surprisingly warm. We played a long, hilarious game of Marco Polo, with all 8 participating. The waves were really strong and high on the beach so we didn't let the kids go all the way in. As the sun set we took a walk along the beach, with the kids in up to their knees, allowing the current to push them along as we walked. We let the girls have a sleep over the first night and they ended up waking up at 2am and never going back to sleep. Needless to say, they didn't end up sleeping together after that.

The next days followed much the same routine. Breakfast, sunscreen and down to the beach for swimming. We had friends staying about 7 minutes away up the beach and they'd come in the later morning to play spikeball or volleyball. We'd eat dip and veggies and eventually make our way to lunch. After lunch we'd split back up and nap. Later we'd do the pool and beach with boogeyboards before taking our sunset walk each night. Dinners were simple and nights were spent out on the patio with dessert and relaxed conversation. I loved the ebb and flow of the days and Nate and I loved our room filled with ocean breeze each night. Our last day we built a giant sandcastle with all 8 of us working together and again I just enjoyed everyone being together. We also did an espuma (foam) fight to celebrate carnaval and nailed some of our friends pretty good when they came to play volleyball. Another great memory was a foot race that all the guys participated on. I also smoked Christine in an unofficial race to the water :) To end, Aaron walked down and ordered us batidos to go while we packed cars and back to the city we headed ... sandy and sunny and happy.





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