We had one last morning in Buenos Aires, so we checked out of our hotel but left our bags with the concierge. We headed to a neighborhood we hadn't visited yet and let the kids play at the park. We ate an early lunch at a restaurant a few blocks away (one of the few open with it being New Years Day) and ended up really happy with some fresh, wood-fire pizza at a sidewalk table. 

We walked to the Japanese gardens, which wasn't open and ended up using the last of our pesos and a few dollars to ride paddle boats. This was a highlight of the trip for the kids. Canaan loved being captain while Eden has content to sit and watch, after a brief steering attempt. We were able to see some of the gardens from our paddle boats. We grabbed our bags and took a crazy, full public bus to the airport which left us sweaty and rushed when the lines ended up being phenomenolly long. We got to our gate just as our flight was loading so it ended up being okay. 

One of our layovers was 8 hours and we knew we were in for a long, hard night on airport chairs. We settled in, got everyone to sleep finally ... only to be told that part of the airport was closing and we had to move. We settled again and just then heard our name over the loud speaker. Long story short, our Peru->Quito flight was going to be delayed by 10 hours so they gave us a hotel room. That sounded great, other than 10 extra hours of travel. We made the best of it and went and slept for about 3 hours before waking up for the breakfast buffet. While there, we ran into Chris Wimer, the kids PE teacher, who'd been flying from the US and had the same delayed Peru flight. We were supposed to be at our hotel til 5pm but Nate got a text saying our flight had been moved back up. We called the airline, they confirmed it and we all scrambled to get back to the aiport ... with Chris in tow ... only to be told that info was wrong and the flight wasn't leaving for another 5 hours. With it not being long enough to go BACK to the hotel, we made the best of it and talked and ate bean boozled gross jelly beans with the people around us and let the kids watch exorbitant amounts of tv while Nate got us free internet, free food vouchers and whatever else he could snag for the airlines mistakes. We made it home about 32 hours after we started and just sunk into our beds with relief.








0 #1 Emily Runyan 2018-08-01 04:41
I now know and understand this story well. Separately, I firmly believe that Nate got every free thing he could. :)

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