We started the day off in a neighborhood I'd never visited at a street fair. We snagged some cheap Messi jerseys. An unexpected delight was a store devoted solely to dulce de leche. They had at least 14 different varieties, all available for sample. The kids and I made sure to try each and every one. (A great start to breakfast, right?) It was pretty fascinating how differently they did all taste and we had definite favorites. Sheep vs cow milk, texture, thickness and so much more. 

We grabbed another bus to La Boca, a quaint, old neighborhood ripe with tourists. They keep the houses brightly painted and tango dancers can be found on corners doing street performances. We wandered checking out paintings and more and grabbed a sub par, giant alfajor to try. We headed back to our neighborhood and enjoyed a local park, where the kids explored and Nate and I chatted on a bench. We walked and grabbed ice cream while Eden chased more pigeons and then wandered along the pier in the wind. We ate a lunch/dinner at a typical steak house so that Nate could have one last good steak. 

Our plan had been to go back down to the pier to walk midnight fireworks, since it was New Year's Eve. We decided, though, that it wasn't going to be worth dragging a wailing Eden again if that were the case. She was insistent that she wanted to go and we put her in warm clothes before bed. But Nate and I agreed that if she didn't wake up easily that he and Canaan would go on their own because we knew Canaan would love it. As expected, when our alarm went off at 11:15pm Canaan woke immediately with excitement and despite many wake up attempts Eden kept rolling over and refusing to get up. She promised she wouldn't regret it in the morning! So the boys took off and I lay awake unable to sleep. I celebrated NYE to the sound of fireworks out the window in a pitch black hotel room while Eden slept. It was so worth it though because the boys ended up walking about 4 miles, catching fireworks on the pier and all the way down to the obelisk. It was super special for them.




IMG_20171231_095508267 IMG_20171231_114126






0 #1 Emily Runyan 2018-08-01 04:36
Love your burgundy tank top. Love the picture of Nate and Eden on the train from the other post. Love Eden wouldn't wake up and love the sweet pictures when Canaan popped up to celebrate NYE.

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