My birthday landed on our 2nd day in Argentina. Nate walked ten blocks to a place that advertised good churros, only to discover it wasn't open. We went to a little french bakery and got some pastries and then went around the corner to a classic Argentine, cheap panaderia where they sell little breads and pastries by weight. We ate in the park before hiking over to watch a changing of the guards near the clock. From there we headed to one of the main train stations, which was massive. The kids loved riding public transport. We went to an artisan market/art walk and cemetery where Eva Perron is buried. It was HOT and frankly we were all melting. Even though it wasn't in our plan, we ended up popping into a mall to cool down for a bit, rest our tired feet and do a little bit of arcade time for the kids. 

From there we walked to a bookstore, which was converted from an old theater. It was beautiful and ornate and the kids and I sat on the floor in the basement kids section and read funny children's books in Spanish while Nate explored all over. We got empanadas for lunch, which hit the spot with Nate as they were exactly how he remembered them from his childhood. In the afternoon we walked and shopped La Florida, a street that is shut down to traffic and boasts high end stores as well as knock-offs of various sundry. We grabbed a quick cold drink and Starbucks and then headed back to our hotel.

Our evening plan was to go back to Nate's old neighborhood, Palermo, for dinner. We hopped a bus and landed but didn't know exactly where to eat. We wandered for awhile and I started feeling badly about walking the kids so much (they averaged about 8 miles a day) and wanted to just sit anywhere. But Nate insisted we find a great birthday place. He texted a high school friend who lives in that neighborhood and she recommended Brandon so off we went to find it. Turns out the walking and waiting was worth it because Brandon was a hit! The waitress was so friendly with our kids that they still remember her name. We were early by Argentine dinner standards at 7pm so we kind of had the place to ourselves. EVerything we ordered was delicious and we'd ordered way too much, again not used to portion sizes. We had a great salad with grilled chicken, grilled butternut squash, sundried tomatoes and more. We had a greek lamb meatball wrap and shoestring fries for days. It was a great end to a long day of walking and we just really enjoyed each other. Possibly my favorite part of the day was the bus ride back to our hotel, though. Eden was in rare form and we've really begun to appreciate her sense of comedic timing. She was cracking herself up and everyone around her and it was just fun to watch and be a part of her pure delight.








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