We took an early morning flight from Montevideo to Buenos Aires. After some stressful back and forth through the airport after they kept changing our departure gate and leave time we finally boarded a tiny plane without three other people, including one apparently quite famous Colombian boy band singer. In 30 minutes we were in BA and the heat hit us. No more ocean breeze to greet us. Just piles and piles of traffic. It took an hour to get to our hotel (on the return trip it took about 25 minutes by bus). We found our hotel and were pleasantly surprised with the room, not being quite sure what we had booked online. We went to go exchange money, which honestly turned into a hassle we wish we'd avoided by finding a different way to have pesos ready. The kids and I ate a sort of breakfast at a cafe while Nate waited for more than an hour at the bank. With this finally figured out we headed off to our first stop: the horse races!

Initially the kids weren't into the idea of walking in the heat but we let them know this was our main mode of transport and we all needed to get used to it. They loved finding and riding the underground subway though. The hipodromo was a hit, with BIG, strong horses being warmed up in a ring off to the side and the races being easy to catch from the bleachers. Nate and the kids alternated between going back to the stalls and watching races, while I took a nap that I just couldn't fight on the bleachers. After enough horse watching we headed to some big parks somewhat close by and Nate took a jaunt off into this old neighborhood to see how much it had grown and become trendy.

With the early morning start we headed back to the hotel early and grabbed pasta at a restaurant nearby. Portions are more like US portions we learned and we ended up with a MOUNTAIN of gnocchi that we never did eat up. 





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