Our last day was one of my favorites of the trip. Mark and Kora had done their research and found a winery and vineyards about an hour from the city where we could tour the whole process and do a tasting. It was a gorgeous, cloudless, sunny sky and the vineyards practically glittered. We carried umbrellas for shade as the guide told us about different grapes that they had. The kids were fascinated with the bottling process and we were allowed to walk onto the production floor, staying between the yellow lines. The tasting took place in a separate building with cement floors, spacious coffee tables and comfortable couches. Mark was incredibly gracious and took all the kids out to play in the hot sun while we did the tasting. (Uruguay has a zero limit alcohol policy for drivers). The tasting was really relaxed, which I appreciated because I hate situations where you don't quite know the social norms. But this host was lovely and explained absolutely everything and was engaging. We had fun with it and laughed through the whole thing. The host kept offering refills and Kora and I had to say no each time, already dumping half of our wine back. Also, unlike most tastings in Napa Valley, we got little food bites for each wine. They'd left a fourth place setting for Mark that included the bites, not knowing he wasn't joining, and someone from another table asked to take his bread. Well once that happened we all dug into his salami and cheese and more. If you go to MVD, I highly recommend this if you have time for an excursion.




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