We stayed a number of days post Christmas and enjoyed the oh so quiet city as most others had left to go to the beach. We ate ice cream cones almost every day, though none was as good as that Punta del Este one. We ordered empanadas from a place that had all sorts of varieties, from Indian curry to chop sue to blue cheese and scarfed almost all of them down. We had chivitos (the most famous Uruguayan sandwich piled high with layers of egg, bacon, steak and so much more.) Car rides were equal parts hilariously annoying and great in that we listened to bickering, crying and 800 rounds of Bless The Lord Oh My Soul. But they also gave a chance to talk about life and ministry if we could drown out the background noise and that was great. We spent some time wandering the historic part of the city and a morning at the Uruguayan national soccer stadium and museum - where the first ever World Cup final was played. If you are a soccer aficionado I highly recommend this. Nate was thrilled. Otherwise it probably doesn't need to make your "must see" list. One night we stayed out late and went to a "Milonga" show, which included singing, tango dancing and drums. This was likely the most underwhelming of our splurges and I think the kids expected something a bit faster paced and more showy but watching Emmy mouth along with the singers kept it pretty entertaining. Probably one of my favorites was one of the simplest. We spent an unrushed morning at the beach (you guys the sand and water are just 5 blocks from their house!) and the older kids splashed about, testing the limits of how far they'd be allowed to go out unattended. Eden baked in a blanket and Emmy sang to herself and built a sand castle. Meanwhile Nate and Mark stood in ankle deep water talking while Adrian played and Kora and I got some uninterrupted time to talk about enneagram and growing into ourselves and it was so lovely.



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