After that late, late night all of the kids slept in on Christmas morning thanks to the black out wood blinds they use there ... unheard of in Quito. All the traditional festivities ensued with stockings pulled open, too many hershey's kisses consumed by Adrian and two little cute elves helping with presents. We ate the Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting and opened presents that had been sent from countless locations around the world, all to end up in one little living room in Uruguay! One of my favorite moments was Canaan's full delight when he opened up ... a box of crayons!!! from Auntie Kora. (He'd been using Lucia's the days prior and commenting on how amazing they were and she just happened to have an extra set in the house. Eden was obsessed with some sparkly socks Mark and Kora had picked up on their Germany trip. Little did we know we'd see those sparkly socks with every pair or shirts or dress she wore for the rest of the trip.

For lunch we headed to a friend's house about thirty minutes away. Coincidentally Mark and Kora's friend is someone that Nate and I did a year of high school with and it was fun to catch up with him and meet his family. They were 100% open and inviting of their space and home. His wife set me in charge of carving the world's biggest watermelon and darned if almost that whole thing wasn't consumed while Mark did an asado. Canaan ate round after round of grilled provolone on toothpicks while Eden popped chorizo coins into her mouth in between running around. It was fun to have Jimmy's parents there and we laughed at having some pretty open conversations across the generations present, particularly with one person in the midst of menopause. There was a blue cheese wedge salad that I just kept eating. Between that and the cheese I barely touched the meat. Meanwhile Jimmy calmly sat making homemade ice cream which was pulled out alongside more peppermint pie and little pecan pies. We got barefoot and played spike ball in the backyard before calling it a day and heading back to rest.






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