We knowingly booked some crazy tickets because I like to save a buck! So we planned for a 10 hour layover in Guayaquil and figured we'd take a chance to explore a city we hadn't seen as a family. We packed super light backpacks since we'd be lugging them around for the day and headed out on a 6am flight. We were in Guayaquil a quick 30 minutes later with time to kill. We left the airport and grabbed a cab. It was HOT out and we knew this was gonna be a long one. We first wove our way through painstaking traffic to the Parque de las Iguanas. After a few minutes of fear from Canaan the kids were delighted to see iguanas all around them. They fed them carrots and poked their tales. We then walked along the Malecon, which is a wide boardwalk to the ocean. We bought bottle after bottle of water off the street, we shed every layer we could, we admired the ocean and the sites and ended up at a KFC for lunch for lack of any better option. 

After lunch we went up in a gondola to see the city view and from there we walked to Las Peñas where we climbed 444 steps to El Farro, an old lighthouse. Eden hated those steps and it was a struggle but we made it. We'd done all the sites we'd anticipated getting to and still had over 3 hours to kill. We determined that the kids were pretty walked out after miles and miles in the heat so we determined some time in the Mall del Sol was our best option ... simply for a/c. We got slushees there and ended up heading back to the airport early where we allowed the kids to plug into technology while we sat wiped out. The kids watched Black Beauty for the first time, which ended when I turned around to see Eden silently sobbing because it was so sad. She had a long cry that involved missing Nona. 

Our next flight was delayed and things weren't looking good. We departed our plane in Santiago, Chile being assured by flight attendants that our next flights were being held and we would get out tonight. We RAN through the airport. That is no exaggeration. Canaan kept up with me, pacing himself well and Nate carried Eden for a solid ten minutes of running ... only to see our plane taxiing off. We were stuck and there was nothing to be done. Bleary-eyed and sweaty we waited another 3.5 hours and boarded our last flight. We got to Uruguay half crazed but in good spirits ... only to find out that our baggage was lost and no one had any idea where it was. Good thing that cousins were on the other side of that door!


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