At our house we have a simple, totally non-Pintereque string of yarn with Christmas activities on mini clothespins. We hold loosely to this and always talk about these as potential activities and NOT expectations that we have to complete. (Maybe I'm the only one who needs to say this but it sure helps my goal-oriented, achiever self to constantly remind myself these aren't check boxes that MUST be completed.) We enjoy what we can and have time for and save the rest for (possibly) next year ... or sometimes January! Just a few pics below of some of these activities.



This year I had a friend selling a small Christmas tree for $10 so I snagged it and saved it, remembering that last year both kids wished they had their own tree to decorate. Well, this was genius and low cost. Genius because it meant moving all of their homemade, not so lovely to look at ornaments off of our main tree. Also hours of fun and a special tradition for them to plug their own tree lights in every night before bed, as this tree lived right outside their door. They decorated and redecorated.




Annual trip to the Salon de Navidad to watch the moving village pieces. We squeezed this one in spur of the moment in the hour before Nate's game. We don't need long there but it's still pretty magical to the kids to watch the train on the track and the ice skaters go round the ponds.




My dad bought these "Paint Your Own" sugar cookie from a friend and managed to get them down here in time to decorate.




Annual giant gingerbread decorating is a favorite we manage to do most years. We do this in place of houses because there is no 3D construction needed and because the kids love it now!

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