After spending Thanksgiving with 50+ people last year Nate & I were both in favor of a much more intimate experience this year. And we thought what better way to celebrate than to integrate some of our North American friends with our Ecuadorian friends and bring them into our traditions. It was just a lovely, low pressure, relaxed, inviting day all around and I know both of us would like to replicate this experience again!

A true highlight of the day was having Canaan direct a Thanksgiving play. Our guests were gracious enough to wear homemade headbacks demonstrating Native Americans and Pilgrims and acted out their parts at Canaan's direction. He was overjoyed at the response and the adults couldn't stop laughing ... mostly because many of the guests had NO IDEA about the first Thanksgiving. Several of them said they never knew it had historical significance. They thought it was just an excuse to eat a ton of food and turkey. Speaking of turkey, Eden walked around in tights (no pants) and a hoodie (no shirt) all day to play her role as the brown turkey. She was committed.

Mandi and Chels came early to help decorate and cook and it was fun to do that together. It made it more reminiscent of the real "family" experience with everyone at the same house, working together, that we had in the US. I stuffed Mandi's Apple Pie Bombs while she decorated my butcher paper for the table.

Stuffing was the true highlight of the meal so it's good I made two kinds. They'd never had it before and devoured both kinds. The other highlight was those Apple Pie Bombs and they kept talking about the "bombas" throughout the night. We played Dutch Blitz, which was super fun because the guys have been playing since last January when we first introduced them to the game and they have improved MIGHTILY! Meji now carries a pack around in his backpack constantly. Canaan got in on the action and we set up a tourney. The guys all left at 7 to go train, though they all promised Nate they wouldn't be able to run much at all and then we sat around the living room for awhile chatting before cleaning up.






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