For Halloween this year we didn['t know of any events happening so we decided to throw together a Trunk or Treat around our neighborhood park. We had about 8 vehicles and maybe 25 kids and parents show up and though it was nothing like the extravagance in the US it was totally enough for our kids! As long as they get to put on a costume and snag 4 candies they are happy! We invited kids from the park to participate and then the construction workers from all the new buildings going up around the park also ran over, snagging lollipops for their long bus rides home. After the candy was gone (or at least in other people's bags) we broke out picnic dinners and ate as the sun went down and the chill set in. After putting my sticky kids to bed I stayed in costume and headed over to my student Halloween party for a few hours eating caramel apples and dancing with raisins, every character from Stranger Things and Mrs. Frizzle.







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