Los abuelos came to visit us in July! They scheduled their trip to be here for Eden's ballet performance, which was super special for her, but we also got in some good family time. They were up for whatever adventures we took them on, so we spent a full day in Mindo right after they got here. We toured the butterfly farm, which was super fun. Both kids loved trying to have butterflies land on their fingers after initially being a bit timid. I enjoyed playing with the butterflies too, feeling a bit like we'd entered a magical world where they safely flutter everywhere. Next we tubed down a river, after being chewed alive by bugs waiting 20 minutes for the tubing guides to come back to the start. Dan had a hard time catching his breathfor the first half but the guides helped him find a better position. Canaan was scared whenever he couldn't see forward but made it through (there was no choice to get out once we started!) and Eden giggled and grinned the whole way down, absolutely loving it. The guides were super cautious with the kids and made it feel really safe. We grabbed a picnic lunch in the main square and then did a tour and tasting of the local chocolate making process. All in all a great day for all and we headed home tired.

We spent a day with friends at the Guitig factory, where you could swim in a mineral water pool. None of us lasted longer than 10 minutes though because it was FREEZING. The kids tanned, bickered, and played with water toys. Eden surprised me by bellyflopping into the freezing cold pool to save Damari's toy for her. We played spike ball and Nate and Dan enjoyed Can Jam together while EBB, Christine and I did push-ups. 

Dan and Melody got to catch a game of Nate's and Dan went to one practice. We had milanesas out together, chicberry and croissants from Cyril. Mostly we did a LOT more paperwork and a LOT more shuttling Eden back and forth to rehearsals than we anticipated and los abuelos were super gracious through it all, flexing with the constantly changing schedule. The paperwork had to do with realizing Eden's passport had expired and that she needed a permission to leave the country without her dad. We were last minute, heart pressure up scrambling and ultimately we had to say goodbye sooner to los abuelos than anticipated when Canaan, Eden and I were not able to leave the country and therefore missed the flight we were supposed to share together. We were glad for the time together though and glad that we would have one more day with them once we got to Chicago to make that abrupt goodbye a little less harsh.

























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